To the Fresh Grad who’s lost during the Pandemic

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Fresh Grad
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You’re a fresh grad tired of finding a job. You already stop expecting to get hired in the industry you wanted to get into. Why would they even hire you if they needed to retrenched employees recently?

Or maybe you already had a job last February 2020. You’re preparing all the requirements when they cancelled your employment due to the lockdown. They have to minimize their operating cost because they are on the brink of closing permanently.

When you finish college during this time, you’ve felt like you entered a whole new world unprepared. How could you be ready anyway if you didn’t have a course about how a fresh grad would survive during a pandemic.

You already emailed your resume to all the companies out there. Some gave you chance, but almost all of them didn’t even bother to check that you’re brilliant in using Microsoft software.

You’ve doubted yourself. You thought that you’re just not hirable. Maybe you’re just good at school. You even think of studying your whole life because at school, you’ll survive, but here, you are barely surviving.

You’re a fresh grad lost in the world of uncertainty. Here’s what you need to remember as a fresh grad during this pandemic:

You’re still a Graduate

You still go through everything just like a normal student. There are a lot of sleepless nights and countless days you went to school groggy. You already lost a friend because of thesis. Remember that you’re still a fresh grad even though you will not march this year.

You still deserve to be proud just like how fresh grads are back then. You’ve gone through hardships.  

Please don’t blame yourself

The hardships you are going through right now are not even the same compared to the former. Higher unemployment rate is waving at you. Opportunities are even lower, and it will be grueling to find a decent job. You’re facing bigger uncertainties and anxieties.

But no, it’s not your fault.

You’re not in control of everything

It’s not your fault that the 2012 film you’ve watched when you’re young is getting real this year.

What can you really do if your dream company can’t accept a fresh grad because even the company itself is not that sure about their future? Please be patient. Give time for yourself to achieve your dream. There are just things that aren’t included in your plan. You don’t own the world, and it doesn’t revolve 360 degrees for you.

You’re not alone

If you’re not a fresh grad, maybe you are one of the employees who are planning to resign, but unfortunately, there’s no certainty you’ll get a new job.

Maybe you are one of those retrench from their job. Your company has no choice but to fire you because they can’t afford you.

Or maybe you should be a fresh grad this year, but here’s the pandemic ruining it. You’re not even sure if you’re going to enroll next semester with the school being held online, and you’re not comfortable attending school with that set-up.

Maybe you are already doing your internship, a few hours more then you’re officially a Fresh Grad. You will be delayed for a few more months or years before you can even apply for a job.

It’s all going to be all right.  You’re not lagging behind.

There’s so much time

You may not get your dream job this year, next year, or even the years after; you have to remember that there’s so much time waiting for you. It’s just alright and normal to get your dream job at your 30’s, 40’s, or in your 50’s. It’s okay if your dream job will be delayed for a few more years, as long as you’re surviving right now.

Who even spread fake news that life should have a timeline? That you should achieve something at a specific age?

If there’s someone who based their respect on a person’s job, position, and salary; I hope they won’t sleep well tonight. We just can’t base our respect on a person’s status in life.

If you’re one of the people who got a job that is not related to your course, it’s all right too. We understand that you have to earn, and it will never be a basis of your worth. You don’t have to be embarrassed about where you get your salary as long as it’s an honorable job.

Morning will come

We are facing hardships during this pandemic. And it calms me down when I think that we are not alone during these times. It’s all shared experiences. However, I still hope that you’re offering your voice for the others. If certain injustices during this time are not directly affecting you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t voice out your opinion about it.

Over the years, you’ll look back on how we all went through this time. You’ll remember how you lend your voice to others who need it the most during this pandemic.

I’m not in the right position to say that it’s all going to be all right—because honestly I still don’t know too what will happen to me in the future—I still haven’t figured out all my dreams. Is there even a person in this world who already got everything they want?

Nonetheless, I still believe that this is not permanent, and I will still say that it’s going to be all right. You’re a fresh grad during a pandemic, you don’t need to know every step that you should take in the future. You’ll wake up one morning and everything will be fine.

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