I’m Gerald, a Gen Z freelance writer from Manila. The founder of Kid in Manila.

Kid in Manila is a community for Gen Zers. A platform where I share how I am coping up with all the things that I am suffering in this age of uncertainties. I write about my own experiences on self-improvementcareer, and relationships that can also help other Gen Zers traverse these trying times.

We are fresh grads dreaming to land our first dream job, students struggling to graduate, or an exhausted employee wanting to resign. My generation is already in the age at which we are bothered about the future.

Let’s all figure out this whole adulthood thing together!

Why did I create this Gen Z blog?

Aside from a way to overcome my shyness, to be open as a person, and to personally cope up with the overflowing emotions of being a Gen Z. I also have this goal to create a safe place where other confused Gen Zers can traverse this age of uncertainty. I always believe that a problem can be easy to overcome as long as you are aware that you are not alone. The feeling of having someone sharing the same experience, pain, and suffering can sometimes help you feel better, to continue, to be motivated.

I hope this blog can build a community with other Gen Zers for them to know that they are not alone in this time of uncertainties.