3 ways to deal with uncertainty as a Gen Z

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Gen Z is already in the age of uncertainty. We are supposed to be busy doubting ourselves about the future, yet here we are facing a pandemic in our 20’s. As a fresh college graduate facing a lot of rejections, this is just too much.

Life should be this easy: we go to school, get our diploma, find a good company, get hired, then everything will be all right. A concrete plan we imagined when we were young.

However, things didn’t work out the way we expected, who would expect everything will go according to plan anyway? Finding a job is already a headache but now, here we are challenged to do it during a pandemic. We have to survive as a young adult when the whole world is collapsing economically, physically, and politically.

Our generation is even barely holding onto our dreams. We are so lost in everything that we make ourselves believe that there is just something wrong with us.

Yup, we are the Gen Z dealing with uncertainty.

Leap of Faith

Gen z
Miles Jumped off a building

Here’s my favorite scene in the film Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. The scene where Miles jumped off a building.

Miles still can’t control his spider web that’s why he asked Peter Parker:

Spider verse

Despite having doubts, Miles just jumped. And because of that life-threatening leap, he had learned to control his spider web for the first time. While falling, he learned to ascend.

This scene tells us that when we pushed ourselves in a dangerous cliff; at the point of no return—and all we think of is to survive—that’s when we will learn to spread our wings.

Gen Z is already at that point of uncertainty. We have to face that this is normal (of course not including the pandemic), and we can’t skip this chapter of our life that other generations experienced too.

And every time I’m drowning with the thought of these uncertainties, there are 3 things that I always remember to stay afloat:

  • Never lose the kid in you
  • Be good to yourself
  • Be a good person

Never lose the kid in you

You should remember that we are still young. There are so many years ahead of us, I’m sure we’ll find it out. Don’t compare yourself with your friends or fellow Gen Z. Success doesn’t come with age. Success doesn’t even mean you’ll be happy.

Let your inner child be wild. Don’t be embarrassed playing things meant for children, throw yourself in the rain, and laugh like a child on small things.

Don’t let yourself drown on the reality of adulthood; you’ll be crazy. You will lose yourself.

If there are questions that are hard to answer, try asking your younger self. We were simple-minded when we were young. We were not yet infected by the germs and bacteria of this cruel world.

We slowly lose a part of ourselves because we thought we have to change when we are growing up. It’s all right to ask our younger self for the simplest answer.

Be good to yourself

Just like what I always say to a person or a fellow Gen Z dealing with uncertainty, always be good to yourself.

I may not be in the right position to say this but, here’s my opinion.

It’s all right if you will not graduate this year, it will never be your fault. Same thing with you being stuck in a low paying job. Or you being unemployed because you are cautiously finding the right workplace for you. Don’t worry, you’ll find it and I hope you’d see it soon. And of course, it’s acceptable if you are still earning by doing freelance work from time to time. It’s also all right if you are still not good in doing what you love, allow yourself to be a beginner.

It will be all right even if your loved one didn’t choose to be with you. It’s all right if you choose to leave your passion for now in order for you to get a high paying job. And it’s all right if you still don’t know the answer to the questions: “What are your plans in life?”, or “What do you want to be in the future?”

And it will always be all right if your answer for now is “to be rich”. You don’t want to be someone, you just want to earn money for your family. That’s how it is in our country, the foundation of our dreams are not for ourselves, but for our family. And a dream is stronger when its foundation is not for yourself—but for someone—because it’s easy for us to forget our dreams, but it will be hard for us to stop dreaming for others.

Be a good person

And if you still don’t know the reason why you are living in this world, or maybe you are still thinking if you’ll take the leap of faith Miles did, calm down, it’s all right.

Just always choose to be a good person. The most important aspect of being a human is being good. You may not see your future as of now, or you may not reach your dream yet, it’s all right as long as you are a good person. A good person is already an identity, a proof of existence.

It’s also important that you have a stand about the unfairness in society. Your life will never be a waste as long as you are fighting for something good, voice out your opinion. In that way, you are helping to fight the injustices in this world.

Always choose the decision that is on the good side, the most humane option.

What matters most

And if you are still drowning with all the uncertainties about yourself and the future—or in the point of deciding if you would leap or not—remember that all you have to do is be safe during this pandemic. Be safe, so you’ll have the chance to find the answers to your questions.

Be good to yourself, be good to others, and if there are difficult decisions to make; always choose the most humane one.

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